What is the cost of an MOT test?

The UK Government generally caps the MOT test at £54.85, excluding the VAT. Moreover, many independent motorcar garages provide free as well as discounted MOT with the services. Ensure you visit a garage that is authorised by the DVSA and within the budget. 

Who are the excuses for an MOT?

There are certain exceptions when a motorcar owner can drive the car without an car tyres Milton Keynes certificate. Driving a vintage or historic motorcar that is over 40 years of age from the initial date of registration exempts from the MOT. Moreover, during taxation, the owners of a vintage car will have to state the information in the exception rule.

Is your motorcar MOT due?

If the motorcar is fairly new, the MOT is not due for the next three years starting from the registration date. Also, it is important to keep in mind this is only for new cars and not used cars. A car registered on October 1, 2022, will need to obtain the MOT before October 1, 2023. 

As for motorcar owners who have completed the three years, the car MOT will be essential every year. 

To check the motorcar MOT due date as well as other information, the owners can view it on the UK government site by inputting the vehicle’s registration digits.

The fine for not driving with a valid MOT certificate

If the car owner is unable to offer a valid MOT certificate if stopped, then they can obtain a max fine of about £1,000. Furthermore, the car insurance will also be invalid without a valid MOT certificate. Therefore, the motorcar owners will need to pay for the fixes along with any on-road damage themselves. Moreover, if the motorcar insurance is invalid, then the owner can obtain a fine or points on the licence. Also, renewing the road tax without a valid MOT is not allowed.

What can the car owners do if they have lost the previous MOT Test Milton Keynes Certificate?

Car owners can also obtain duplicate forms from an authorised centre for a fee of about £10.

How can someone prepare for the MOT test?

About 40 to 50% of motorcar owners fail the annual MOT test due to small issues. Also, missing the standard services such as alignment, balancing, oil check and others is even important for passing the MOTs. Some of the things to consider include:

  • The motorcar horn needs to work well
  • The windscreen washer as well as the wipers are in the best possible condition. Replace any broken car wipers from a repair facility and refill the screenwash.
  • Inspect all the motorcar mirrors such as the windscreen for any indications of cracks or dirt. 
  • It is very essential to make certain the 5 most vital oil as well as fluid levels are at the right amount.
  • Check all the motorcar lights and ensure they work well. Also, check the fog lights and tail end lights.
  • All the motorcar doors, as well as the locks, need to be working well.
  • Ensure the motorcar’s brakes are working well.
  • Check the motorcar steering plus the suspension condition.
  • Review the seat belts and see if they lock efficiently
  • Check the state of all the tyres plus their tread depth. Ensure the tyres have a min of 1.6mm. 
  • The motorcar exhaust needs to work efficiently.
  • The motorcar number plate needs to be visible as well as clean.
  • Ensure the motorcar warning light is off
  • Keep the motorcar clean as well as tidy. 

Other MOT Checklist

  1. Keep the interior and exterior clean.
  2. The number plates need to be visible from a distance of 20 meters.
  3. Review the lights indicators or hazard lights. 
  4. Review tyre pressure plus the tread.
  5. The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number of the motorcar must match the one in the V5C logbook.

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