Junction 11 is a reputed retailer in the Wolverhampton area. We offer several automobile services to our customers. All the services are provided at an affordable price. Our team ensures that you get the best services at the best price. Therefore, our focus is on pocket-friendly servicing. We also possess an impressive inventory of car tyres. Customers can get all the information about tyres and then choose from our inventory. We address every query of our customers related to Car Tyres Wolverhampton. Consequently, the customer need not worry about the process of choosing the best tyre as we have got you covered.

Several car services are also offered. We have a team of experienced experts. They ensure that customers get the best possible service under one roof. They are well-versed with all the technical knowledge. All kinds of replacement and repair services are offered along with efficiency.


Customers can opt for online purchases of tyres. Therefore, they can shop from their homes. Customers just need to provide some car details like its registration number and tyre size so that we can find the right tyre for you. Finding the right tyre is pertinent from a safety as well as comfort point of view. Therefore, you can get the best tyre Bushbury at Junction 11 motors.


Summer Tyres

We have a large stock of summer tyres from the world’s best brands. Junction 11 motors only sell high-quality tyres. Summer tyres, like all other tyres, have a low tread depth. Both of these features are necessary for safe driving in the summer. Comparatively, the hard rubber material is used for these tyres. They provide unmatched road control.

Winter Tyres

Winter car tyres Bushbury are apt for the winter season. These tyres are made using a soft material made of rubber. This compound contains a good amount of silica. This allows the tyre to stay flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. As a result, drivers should go for winter car tyres to have a safe and secure drive. Safety is of utmost importance on frozen roads. Therefore, winter tyres perform exceptionally well in handling and safety when it comes to low temperatures.

All-season Tyres

All-season car tyres are the all-rounders. These tyres provide great performance all-round the year. Major two advantages of using these tyres are durability and efficiency. All-season tyres provide sufficient tread depth so that excellent braking and handling are provided. They perform well on every road. Therefore, drivers can use all-season tyres on dry, frozen and snow-covered roads.

Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are famous for use in sports cars. These tyres provide increased traction and handling response to the driver. In both dry and wet conditions, performance tyres are especially useful. They offer a fantastic sporting experience. Performance tyres are one-of-a-kind. Certain features like groove patterns, unique construction etc. can be found in these tyres. Such features provide the tyres with precision, traction etc. These tyres specifically provide enhanced performance. Because of their advantages, performance tyres are becoming increasingly popular.

Because of their pros, performance tyres are becoming everyone’s favourite.


We stock a wide variety of tyres. They are available across different price rates spanning from the budget, mid-range to premium tyres. Some of the tyres are:

  1. Firestone
  2. Dunlop
  3. Michelin
  4. Pirelli
  5. Bridgestone
  6. Continental
  7. Goodyear and many more

Customers can also opt from our budget-friendly range. We provide mid-range and budget tyres from iconic brands like:




Blacklion etc.


Some of our best-selling tyres are:

o SP Winter Response

o SP Winter Sport

o 3D

o 4D

o Enasave EC300

o Enasave EC300+

o SP Sport 01

o 01 A

o 2000 E

o 2030

o 300

o Grandtrek SJ8

o WT M3

o Winter Sport 5 SUV and many more.


Apart from retailing top-quality tyres Wolverhampton, we also provide complete assistance with several car-related issues. 

At junction 11 motors, we provide our customers with a number of vehicle services like repair of exhaust, running engine diagnostics etc. These have been mentioned in detail below:

  1. Engine Diagnostics: we use the latest technology when it comes to running engine diagnostics. We have the most advanced scanners for the same. We make sure that every error in your vehicle is discovered. Therefore, a fully detailed report is created by our trained experts.
  1. Repairing of Exhaust: we can repair the exhaust of any vehicle. We have trained experts for the same. All the work is carried out with utmost care. Each and every component of the exhaust is checked carefully.

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