Why Buy Summer Tyres For Your Car?

Summer Tyres

The tyres on your automobile might face a unique set of problems while driving on hot summer streets. As a consequence, vehicle specialists urge that users try upgrading to summer tyres that are specifically designed for hot weather. When used throughout the warm months, summer tyres offer a more responsive ride quality as well as uncompromising on-road vehicle security.

At Europit Tyres, we provide a large selection of summer tyres available at competitive pricing. We are an official store for several high-end manufacturers in the area where you live. Our business can provide you with Summer Tyres Maldon that is suitable for your budget and vehicle type. We also have the biggest selection of tyres in the 175/70/R13 dimension. We will help you in selecting the best match for your needs by providing end-to-end guidance.

Book Summer Tyres Digitally

For the benefit of our customers, we provide an online tyre reservation service. We have a tyre search function on our webpage where you can enter your vehicle registration number and purchase the summer tyre of your choice instantly.

Additionally, you may place an order using our email system. Deliveries of items placed over email might, on occasion, take as long as 2 business days.

What Are the Benefits of Using Summer Tyres?

Warm-weather tyres are specially designed to withstand the demands of driving in hot weather. Summer tyres from our facility should be considered as an option for replacing your winter tyres. See what makes this building so special in terms of its development:

Composition of Tough Rubber

Tyres built for warmer months use a harder rubber composition than those used for winter use. The natural rubber component of this tread composition is minimal. Using it in warm summer conditions protects the tyre from premature excessive wear.

Construction with A Shallow Tread Level

A low tread thickness pattern is characteristic of summer tyres, as well. Increased tyre roadway surface region is achieved as a result of these modifications. Moreover, it provides unrivalled grip and road-gripping while driving on both clear and rainy summertime roadways.

Tread Bars 

The sipes on summer tyres are smaller than those on other types of tyres. The outcome is that Summer tyres have distinctive groove bars that effectively evacuate rainwater from the tyre area while also providing excellent anti-aquaplaning resilience.

At Our Garage, We Have Summer Tyre Assortment!

During your visit to our facility, you may pick from a large selection of summer tyres Heybridge from several luxuries, mid-range, and low-cost tyre companies.

We can put a stop to your hunt for “summer tyres around me” right now thanks to our large inventory of summer tyres. To schedule a meeting, please call our office.

Summer tyre inspections will ensure that your vehicle is willing to take on the scorching pavement.

Thorough and premium summer tyre inspections are provided by our highly trained and experienced group of experts. A complete inspection of many inner and exterior tyre parts would be performed by our highly qualified professionals to evaluate if or not your tyre is ready to take on the season’s rigours. 

Because our hospitality vehicles are available for your use while we are working, you may continue your day and finish all of your necessary errands.

Our Summer Tyre Service in a Nutshell

Our summer tyre examination is wide and covers checks on the following items:


If we find any substantial problems in the tyres Maldon, we would replace them and examine them again to ensure there is no risk of a rupture. Furthermore, our professionals will examine your vehicle’s tyres to see whether the tread levels are at a minimum of 1.6 millimetres. Our recommendation is to change your current tyres with an optimal pair of summer tyres if they do not meet the regulatory standards.


Overheating of the motor may occur in very hot summertime weather, especially. Overheating problems in your automobile may be avoided if your refrigerant is performing at peak performance. Our specialists will inspect your vehicle’s coolant capacity and, if required, add more to it.


A comprehensive battery checkup is also performed as part of our summer maintenance to guarantee that you will not have any combustion problems. Our experts will examine each battery element in detail. It involves inspecting electrical wiring, braking fluid, the battery casing, and other components to determine whether or not there are any problems with the vehicle.

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