What Are Tyre Markings?

The vehicle is an important part of our daily lives. We use it to move from and to different locations.

Why Are Vehicles Pertinent For Us?

The importance of a vehicle is reflected in its use for fun and emergencies. We can use the vehicle to our advantage. However, with constant use, the vehicle can become afflicted with all sorts of issues. These issues may include tyre damage, bad performance from the battery and so on. To resolve most of these issues, the one constant that your vehicle demands are maintenance. If it is not taken to the mechanic from time to time for inspection, chances are, major damages will be inflicted upon your vehicle and tyres Reading. There is no sure cut way of protecting your vehicle. It can be affected by all sorts of means.

The Importance Of Tyres For The Vehicle

The more crucial components of the vehicle such as the tyres, engines, lights are always at greater risks of damage. Tyres come in contact with the surface of the road and need to be taken seriously. The maintenance of tyres is not difficult. If one is persistent in their efforts about Tyres maintenance, results will show. Therefore, to protect your vehicle and its components from undergoing any major issues, maintenance is key. However, even with proper maintenance and careful use, tyres are bound to age.

The Lifespan Of Tyres

An average tyre lasts for about five to six years. Post this timeline, the tyres have to be changed without a doubt. The tread of the tyre is the outermost portion of the tyre and the only thing that comes in contact with the road. It is easy to look out for any harm on the tread of the tyre. After constant use, the tread of the tyre starts wearing off. This is a condition that cannot be avoided no matter the kind of effort one puts in. The only thing that one can take care of vis tyre tread, is to prevent uneven wear.

Tyre Replacement

Even so, your tyres have to be replaced after a while. An important thing to remember when searching for new tyres is their specifications. One may wonder about the size, form and shape of their tyre. Unbeknownst to many, this information is readily available on the sidewall of the tyre itself. The sidewall of all tyres contains specific markings and indications that can help laymen determine the size and other specifications of their tyres.

Tyre Markings

Many people may have noticed an amalgamation of numbers and letters on the sidewall. This combination of numbers and letters contains important information that can help you decide what kind of tyre to buy the next time.

Here is a guide to the combination of letters and alphabets visible on the sidewall of the tyre.

The most common string of numbers that can be visible on the tyre looks like 240/70 R17

  1. The first three numbers 240 in the combination 240/70 R17 indicate the width of the tyre.
  2. The tyre width is indicated in millimetres from sidewall to sidewall.
  3. The next number is supposed to indicate the aspect ratio of the tyre. 70 in the string 240/7 R17 means that the height of the tyre is 70 percent of its width. The aspect ratio is expressed in percentage to indicate the height of the tyre sidewall.
  4. The next letter indicates the type of construction your tyre has.
  5. The letter R in the combination 240/70 R 17 is supposed to indicate that your tyres are radial. There are several tyres manufactured in the UK that are radial by construction. Other kinds of tyres are bias belts and diagonals. The two are indicated by the letter B and D respectively.
  6. Lastly, the number 17 in the combination 240/70 R 17 is supposed to signify the diameter of the wheel.
  7. The size of the wheel rim is mentioned in inches by this number. It means that the tyre should fit on a rim of 17 inches. This is extremely important to remember as wrong measurements can lead to tyre damage.

There are other markings mentioned on the tyre. They are:

  1. Load capacity:
  2. The load capacity is supposed to signify the maximum weight your tyres can carry at minimum inflation pressure.

If your tyres are made to carry weight above their load capacity constantly, it can lead to uneven wear and reduce the life of your tyres consequently. car service Dubai, a two to three-digit number is supposed to indicate the load capacity.

  1. The speed rating of the tyre is mentioned by different symbols such as Q, R, S, V.
  2. The important thing to remember is that your Continental Tyres Reading can travel at great speeds but must always be used within the legal speed limit.

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