8 Time Management Tools for your Small Business

8 Time Management Tools for your Small Business

Proper time management is the key to maximizing business efficiency. However, optimizing the time of the entire office is a common concern among business owners. As two-thirds of small business owners are losing sleep due to the company’s lack of productivity. It’s completely understandable. Finally, it’s never easy to assess how much time you need to allocate to different tasks and how you need to prioritize these projects. However, once mastered,  time management is a skill that can transform any business.

Prior to the advent of technology, time management was primarily summarized in the use of Pomodoro. Pomodoro is a popular technique for dividing work into intensive bursts of attention interrupted by regular pauses. Fortunately for businesses, today’s market is full of technical solutions designed to help entrepreneurs improve their time and task management games.

  • Trello
  • To Do
  • G Suite
  • Harvest
  • Boomerang
  • Asana
  • Focus Booster
  • Rescue Time



Trello is one of the most popular project management tools out there, and for good reason. With an intuitive and manageable dashboard, Trello is the ideal solution for managing your company’s short, fast daily tasks, scheduling deadlines, and centralizing conversations with your team. For business owners who benefit from visual reminders rather than lists, Trello is probably the perfect tool for managing and prioritizing workflows and team workflows. There is a free version and a premium version, so you can choose according to your needs and budget.

To Do 

To-Do is an adaptation of Wunderlist by Microsoft. If you like to check the tasks in the list, this may be the right tool for you. You can schedule events, create shopping lists, and set reminders. As an enterprise solution, To-Do allows you to collaborate with your team on tasks and handle project management. Unlike most other project management tools, it’s simple and designed to check tasks when planning dates and deadlines. It works well on mobile phones and tablets along with the desktop version, so it’s very easy for business owners on the go.

G Suite

G Suite is a collection of Google apps specifically designed for businesses of all sizes. In recent years, Google has improved integration, turning Google accounts into full-fledged content and project management tools, perfect for small teams of individuals or businesses. With Google Drive, you can create documents, spreadsheets, slides, and more for easy sharing, viewing, and co-editing with others. Google Keep is a memo app that integrates and links documents. Google Calendar is a simple drag-and-drop calendar with many features. Sounds good. It’s also free! GSuite is a free tool for seamless productivity across your enterprise.


Harvest is one of the most well-known time management and accounting tools in the world and is ideal for small businesses. It helps you plan your project and track the time to completion, but it also provides many other valuable features for getting your business started. This includes billing, expense tracking, and integration with other apps, not to mention trusted customer support. Popular with busy entrepreneurs and startup founders, Harvest is an all-in-one tool that allows you to track team and individual time and charge clients accordingly.


Find your emails difficult to organize, A crowded and uncategorized inbox can quickly cause cluttered thoughts and terrible time management. Fortunately, Boomerang works with Gmail, permitting you to create easy follow-up reminders and agenda your emails withinside the future. The device replaces prolonged and unproductive electronic mail conversations, rather permitting you to reply to your emails at once. In this manner, you could system all your emails however ensure you’re now no longer feeding the loop of unproductive conversations that aren’t urgent.


Asana is the perfect tool for small teams. Combining project management, file storage, and document collaboration, asana lets you manage projects as a team without email. Acclaimed by startups and small businesses for its intuitive interface and feature-rich features, this tool divides tasks into tasks, assigns them to team members, displays tasks on a timeline, views milestones, checks progress, and projects dashboard Get the report using the board. Brief information. asana is a really easy-to-use tool with a simple layout. If you have a small team whose projects aren’t too complex but need help getting a startup started, asanas can be the perfect tool.

Focus Booster

The Focus Enhancer is a more traditional tool for those who want to develop a habit or use the Pomodoro Technique breaks regularly after working for a certain amount of time. This tool will help you lower yourself and get the job done without distractions. This is especially useful during weeks when big tasks overwhelm the team, breaking the project into smaller steps and at the same time relieving anxiety. Focus booster offers two subscription tiers, one for free and one with extra features, so you can tailor the service to your budget.

Rescue Time

RescueTime is a device geared closer to know-how a while higher and has a few massive blessings for enhancing the productiveness of your business. It’s A time-monitoring app that facts how and in which you spend a while online, analyzing the whole lot you do in a day – from different apps you operate to how tons of time you spend on your favorite websites. Perhaps now no longer the maximum snug revelation, however, a vital one in the adventure closer to progressed efficiency.  If you’re decided to take away the distractions for your existence and are positioned 100% into your business, RescueTime is best for coming across precisely what behaviors have been protecting you back.

This way, you may start to construct new behavior and optimize your operating time to the max. Good time control on my own will now no longer remodel the fortunes of your SME, however, it`s a key step to ensure the clean strolling of its operation. Perhaps try one of the gears above and notice if it frees up a few headspaces so as to consider different regions of your business, consisting of constructing your first web website online or increasing your team.