6 Floral Alternatives for Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Floral Decoration

Not everyone is fond of flowers. Many people find flowers overrated. Some people tend to avoid flowers because they are allergic to fragrances or the presence of flowers. In this blog, we have compiled a list of décor ideas for people who are allergic to flowers.

Likewise, many people tend to avoid flowers at their wedding for various reasons. Sometimes, it is because of allergies, but at other times people don’t want to have blooms at their wedding, because they are too costly and their budget does not allow them. Similarly, some people believe there is no point in spending a huge amount of money on something that must be thrown out after two to three days. Whatever your reason for avoiding flowers is, we understand that. That is why we have come up with some of the ideas to decorate your big event.

1.      Dried Flowers, Pampas Grass, & Leaves

Well, these ideas are perfect if you have budget constraints. Or, if you can’t find enough flowers amid COVID lockdown. Dried flowers look beautiful, and don’t come with fragrance as well.  The fluffy pampas grass, dried palms, and décor crafted from dried flowers can help beautify your location.

These are sufficient decorative which means no one is going to notice that you had a no-flower wedding. Dried botanicals can help you make a statement as well and they can have a big impact on your wedding style. They are completely perfect for giving out any vibe that you want; whether it’s an edgy moody vibe or romantic fairy tale look.

2.      Linens

Linens are a great way to add personal style to your wedding. Not only do they brighten up the whole décor, but they can also help make the wedding look posh and high-end. Instead of just one linen, if two to three contrasting colors are used, you can give a fancy wedding vibe. Or, if you have the time and budget, you can get the napkins printed or embroidered with your initials or a tagline.

Linens provide a strong foundation for designing your wedding because you can infuse your style into them. You can get patterned or table runners, and customized napkins to make your day more memorable and high-end. With this setting, you can miss out on floral arrangements conveniently because adding Wedding Flower Decoration on fancy linens will make the whole set too much.

3.      Neon Signs

You can make a wedding lively and playful by adding neon signs. We are still looking for that person who made the rule that weddings must be a strictly serious affair. These days you can rent out neon signboards with romantic phrases on them. Or, if your budget allows you can also get one customized for yourself. If you think it would be a waste of money, let’s remind you of those hundreds of bucks you were willing to spend on blooms that would not have survived more than two days. The neon boards can however be put at home afterward as well.

They could be your first gift to yourself as a couple. Neon signs would be a great addition to your sweetheart table setup. You can also put them by your dessert table or reception bar for a more bar-ish vibe.

4.      Candles & Lanterns

My my!!! This does not even need us to say anything. With light and warmth, who wouldn’t be happy? Those small flames look super romantic and make your daydreamer, who can say no to them. So, add ambiance and style to your wedding, by adding candles. Or, if you are more nostalgic and romantic, you can go for lanterns as well. While there is nothing more romantic than taking vows in the light of the romance of candles; you can make your wedding memorable by offering your guests an opportunity to have a romantic dinner by candlelight. Candles can also address your styling issues such as color palette and levels creation.

You can use candles in hues from your chosen palette, set them up at varying heights to add more depth and enrichment to your décor. You can use candle holders as well. Make your wedding a themed event by using candles and lamps. You can have an event with a rustic, Moroccan, modern, or bohemian theme. With such a fancy idea that would even want flowers? Instead, you could be a trend-setter for a flower-free wedding in your circle.

5.      Terrariums

If you want to do something completely new, natural, and out of the box; terrariums are a great choice. They are not just contemporary and chic, but also give a very posh and high-end vibe to your wedding décor. The way you use terrariums can completely change the outlook of your wedding. You can put them on your dessert table or gift table, and they will look great.

You can go for a simple terrarium by having a succulent or air plant in a diamond-shaped glass terrarium. If you want something fancy or big, there is always the option of making an assortment of plants inside of unique geometric shapes. You can fill up the wedding space by hanging small terrariums from an arch or the ceiling.

6.      Greenery

Regardless of the venue, time of the year, and the hour of the day; you can use greenery to décor your wedding location. They help create a lush environment for you to embark on a new journey in your life. You can use a wide range of plants to beautify your wedding event.

Whether tropical fronds, fresh eucalyptus, or your favorite houseplants; greenery can help you give the vibe that you had in mind. If you have a minimalist look in mind, you can go for leaves. But, if you want a full-on décor, then garlands can also be used. Needless to say that you won’t require flowers with this arrangement.

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