Tips To Make Perfect Custom Boxes after COVID-19 For New Normal

custom boxes
custom boxes

All and sundry products require secure packaging solutions to pack the items in a secure environment.  On this subject, the overall outlook is a matter of captivating your customer’s attention and making decisions to buy your items. Products placed on shelves without packing will not be able to engage your audiences and force them to buy your items. Comparatively, products covered in the stunning packaging box that makes up to the standards help you appeal to the crowd and present a neat look. 

On this subject, brands depend on paper-made plastic bags and other packaging solutions to store your products for a long time. These solutions help you pack your items, but the packaging trends rapidly change after the pandemic COVID-19, which greatly affects our social, political, and economic aspects. Due to this unacceptable outbreak of the Coronavirus, the new normal becomes challenging for every person whether they are vaccinated or not. Let me know about the reasons for the urge to modify custom boxes packaging trends after COVId-19. 

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Why Do You Need to Modify Your Packaging After Covid-19?

No single person in the world doesn’t know about the COVID-19 and its sensitivity to affect multiple persons in a short time. Due to this, you need to change your mindset to present your product in half and open-top packaging styles. Now you need fully covered packaging boxes that have small sanitizer poaches on the top of the box, and other people open their products before sanitizing their box.

Next to this, the expansion of Corona, the use of e-commerce and online shopping trend is going to another level. In this era, brands don’t offer online or home delivery services earlier are also turning their product selling modes and offering online shopping services for their clients. And they require strong custom boxes that play their role in the marketing of the brand and securely ship your product to the customer’s doorstep. Now it’s time to see the tips that you can follow to create appropriate product packaging for a new normal life after COVID-19. 

Choose Functional Style for the Durability Of Custom Boxes 

The first tip is to use functional packaging boxes for your products. Life is never stuck in one place, and human nature is to move on to deal with the situation. So, people still find stylish products packaging to buy your items. But it doesn’t mean that you can always pick stylish packaging boxes for products; you should focus on the functionality of your box. Thus, it means to use stylish and protective boxes for the precious product. Moreover, brands use window cutouts to give a stylish touch to your product boxes. Therefore, if you don’t add a PVC sheet on the window cut out, it will cause damage to your products. 

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Pick Chic Design Pattern of Custom Boxes for Market Shelves 

The other way is to print high-quality design patterns on your custom boxes to make them engaging. In the days of the Coronavirus, people bought products there instead of focusing on design patterns. And due to online shipping services, no one thinks about the appearance of boxes. But in the new normal life, to uplift the mood of your customers and draw their attention from the aesthetic product packaging, you need to make your custom boxes alluring. Here are some major themes that you can add with your creativity to represent your items in the industry as per your choice.

  • Intricate lines 
  • Abstract design 
  • Talkative design 
  • Narrative design 
  • Geometrical shapes 
  • Vintage retro touch 
  • Blurring effect 
  • Marbling design patterns 

Focus on Quality of Shipping Boxes 

The product material makes your custom printed box sublime and fascinating for the customers. So, choose high-standard cardstock for your shipping boxes to portray a positive impact on your customers. Whether the use of cardboard and Kraft is best to pack your products but mostly brands use corrugated cardstock for the packaging productions. 

With technological advancements, we are able to use heavy-duty and customized cardstock for the packaging of our products. Corrugated materials have zig zag flutes that are sandwiched among your two liner boards. Here are some types of flutes and their walls explained for your target audiences. 

  • A flute ¼” (Triple wall)
  • B flute 1/8″ (Double wall) 
  • C flute 11/64″ (Double wall) 
  • E flute 1/16″ (Single wall) 
  • F flute 1/32″ (Single face) 

Add Padding Material in Custom Packaging For Fragile Items 

There is no meaning to a new normal life after COVID-19 is to stop online shopping. The trend of online shopping is endless and rapidly increasing day by day. Product manufacturers must use padding material to secure their products from damaging effects. In this regard, you can order wholesale custom packaging with padding material at competitive prices from any retailer. However, you can fence partitions, punch partitions, airbags, bean sacks, and foams to protect your products from crumbling. 

Go for Enhanced Packaging Solutions 

As we know, the Coronavirus stays on multiple items for a particular time, and people are too conscious about choosing their food for a healthy life. On this subject, you can use completely enhanced packaging solutions to secure your products and escalate their shelf life. However, the need for enhanced or sealed packaging occurs in the very industry but here, some industries that do not survive with no enhanced packaging and must require enhanced packaging solutions. 

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Food 
  • Cosmetic 
  • Skincare products 

The use of enhanced packaging increases the freshness and life of the product for a long duration. Moreover, you can use custom printed boxes wholesale as secondary packaging of your products and plastic enhanced packages for primary packaging solutions. 

Apply Insignia Technology labels In Custom Food Boxes 

The use of insignia technology is the need of the hour to maintain the freshness of your food and protect it from waste. This type of packaging has particular pigments inside the box layers that detect the change in your food item and change their colors according to their situation to explain what is packed inside the box. You need to pass the insignia label technology on the custom printed boxes to know how much freshness is left for your food and when you need to complete consumption to prevent wastage. 

Concluding The Above Discussion  

So, the discussion mentioned above is quite evident in explaining some valuable tips to make your custom packaging boxes perfect and alluring. It puts lights on reasons for why you need to change to modify the packaging of your product. Add to this; you can use functional style, attractive design, durable cardstock for shipping boxes, and addition of padding material, enhanced and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Moreover, you will apply insignia technological labels on your custom boxes for food packaging to know about the freshness level of your item. 

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