5 Types of Products to help with Urinary incontinence

Waterproof bed pads

Incontinence has become a common plight in America, and along with infants and elderly people, many younger adults too face this issue. The production and transportation of urine in the body is done by the urinary tract, and some abnormalities in the sphincter result in urinary incontinence. Living life and carrying day-to-day activities with incontinence can be a difficult job, but if you use the right incontinence supplies such as waterproof bed pads, diapers for adults, and other such products, incontinence becomes manageable.

Liner Pads

Abnormalities hindering with the urethral sphincter, pregnancy, childbirth or menopause can result in minor urinary incontinence leading to frequent minor leaks without any control over it. When the urinary incontinence is at a light or a medium stage, liners are capable of absorbing this amount of urine, and keep the wearer dry and clean. Liner pads are available in different sizes and materials. However, while using these, make sure there is a prudent support to hold the liner for a long time.

Waterproof Briefs

If you are suffering from heavy incontinence and need a supply that will hold the urine for a longer time, waterproof briefs are the best option. They come with a waterproof liner, and can hold up to 10 ounces of urine, which makes it one of the most reliable incontinence supplies. Moreover, they can be washed and used again, so you save a good amount of dollars there. Waterproof briefs keep the foul urinary odor in control, and absorb every drop of voided urine. They come in a range of material and sizes, and you can choose according to your needs.

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This one is especially designed keeping the male genitals in mind, and if you are looking for a gender-specific product, guards are the best option for men suffering from incontinence. It absorbs urine in minimal time, keeping the wearer dry and away from any incontinence stress. Guards need to be secured under the basic or the waterproof underwear, and works best for light to medium incontinence.

Waterproof bed pads

If you suffer from high urinary incontinence and need extra protection for the surfaces you sit, sleep or relax, waterproof bed pads are your saviors. You can lay these pads on the chair, lounge or bed to protect them from getting wet or stained in case of any accidents or sudden leaks. Using these pads is easy, spread the waterproof bed pads and tuck them on its surface.

Diapers for adults

The easiest and the safest incontinence supply which suits every type of incontinence need, are diapers. Everyone from infants to younger adults to elderly people can use diapers for incontinence depending on your size and age. Diapers are also available in pull-up style, so they can be worn and taken off easily. However, while choosing diapers for adults, consider the size accurately, because incorrectly sized diapers for adults can create a mess and become a matter of discomfort and embarrassment.

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Though living with incontinence hinders normal life, using prudent supplies can save the day. Also, while stepping outdoors, for work, college, travel or normal outing, limit your caffeine and carbonated drink’s consumption. Moreover, always keep a Bag B handy which contains incontinence supplies, and an extra pair of clothing handy.

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