Top 7 Types Of Tyres You Should Know About

As a motorist, you always want the best for your vehicle. That means choosing the perfect pieces of equipment for it, including tyres. But currently, there are various types of radials available in the market. So, you must learn about them in detail. Only then will you be able to figure out which tyres work best for your car or SUV.

Road conditions vary from one place to another and also with time. So, when buying a set of Cheap Tyres Nottingham, you have to be mindful of this factor. In this article, you will learn about the various tyres you can use on the road.

    1. Summer Tyres:

In summer, when the temperature is high, standard tyres have difficulty moving through the hot pavements. They tend to wear out easily while yielding poor performance. That can be resolved simply with the use of summer car tyres. These are specialised radials, made from a soft rubber material, which can sustain excruciating heat. Their design is also specifically curated to provide excellent traction on heated roadways, both wet and dry. It is worth noting that these radials should only be used in warm climates.

  1. Performance Tyres:

Made for high-performance vehicles, performance tyres provide the ultimate traction you need. Their densely sipes design and material accounts for this grip. However, they usually work better in warmer climates as opposed to colder weather. 

  1. Winter Tyres:

These are a type of speciality tyres that are designe to give optimal traction in the cold. Typically used below seven degrees Celsius, they are made from material rich in natural rubber. Their tread is covere in numerous sipes, wide grooves, and large tread blocks. These features help in snow and water expulsion and prevent hydroplaning. Some winter tyres come with studs or pins, which provide additional grip on icy roads. However, their use is not legal in many places. If that is the case, do not worry, as non-studde tyres can get the job done almost just as well. 

  1. All-season Tyres:

Summer and winter tyres are season specific. They have to be switche out before the other season begins and stored away. However, buying, maintaining, and storing away two sets of tyres can be expensive and stressful. To avoid this problem, many motorists opt for all-season tyres. These are a hybrid of summer and winter tyres Nottingham that work at a variety of temperatures. However, it is worth mentioning all-season tyres cannot sustain extremely harsh climates. So, it is best to restrict their usage to mild weather conditions. 

  1. Highway Tyres:

Highway tyres are designe to offer a smooth vehicular performance on the road. They generally possess all-season tread patterns, allowing them to run throughout the year. Besides, they are made from a high-quality material which makes them durable and increases their load capacity. Thus, they are perfect for on-road travelling.

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  1. All-Terrain Tyres:

Standard highway or trail tyres cannot provide enough traction to move through rough terrains. They can get stuck on the mud and gravel and spin uselessly about their axes. That is why all-terrain or A/T tyres are used. These have an aggressive tread design. They contain large tread blocks and numerous voids. These features allow them to grip the surface better, helping the vehicle to move forward. Their design also gives them a rugged or sporty look, which many car owners enjoy. Aside from providing superior handling in off-road conditions, they also work perfectly fine on highways. 

  1. Mud-Terrain Tyres:

Mud terrain tyres are suitable for off-road conditions as they can easily trudge through deep mud and sand. M/T tyres have an aggressive tread design with massive tread blocks and more voids.


Tyres are vastly significant for your vehicle. Among the various types, including the ones mentioned here, it is crucial to figure out the car Tyres Nottingham that suit your needs the best. So, before you buy a set, make sure you look over all the parameters. Consult a tyre expert if necessary. These steps will ensure you make the most out of your vehicle and travel safely and comfortably. 

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