Types of Termite Control are most effective

Termites have been a problem for Australian homeowners for a long time, but so has termite Control Melbourne. We have been operating on the Sunshine Coast since 1989 and are the leading source of termite management and termite treatment. Our knowledge is unrivalled three decades later, and our persistent customer loyalty speaks for itself. We’d love to tell you more about us, but first and foremost, let us provide you with exactly what you came here for: effective termite treatments. Pest Control recommends the termite control systems listed below.

Termite Barrier Treatment using Chemicals

This termite control Melbourne approach establishes a treatment zone around your property, preventing termites from travelling through the soil and up the footings to get access to the structure. Dig a trench around the perimeter of the property, drill small undetectable holes through the slabs and external pathways, and then apply a non-repellent termiticide to the soil to create a treatment zone.


The preferred technique of installing a termite barrier is to dig a trench, treat the exposed trench, backfill, and treat the backfill. The trench should be at least 150 mm broad and extend down to 50 mm below the top of the footing. A 150 mm x 350 mm trench would be built with a 150 mm wide trench and a 300 mm distance to the top of the footing, with 5.25 L of prepared spray applied every lineal meter of trench. Any changes in dimensions must be recalculated based on the use of 100 L of prepared spray per cubic meter of soil.


This approach entails drilling holes 150mm out from the adjacent exterior perimeter walls with 200m spacing around the driveway, pathway, porticos, patios, and expansion joints into the concrete or tiles. When injecting beneath the surface, a soil rod with a 3- or 4-way multi-directional tip is employed. To provide a complete vertical treated zone, the tip is inserted as close to the footing as feasible. 2 L of prepared spray is to be applied per hole. When the work is finished, the holes are sealed. Termite Control Melbourne has a team of seasoned professionals ready to help.

Termite treatment would be done to the damaged areas first if your property was already infected with termites before the barrier system was installed. Drilling microscopic holes in afflicted cavity walls and window frames, followed by the application of a non-repellent termiticide, accomplishes this. Because the nest is the focus of non-repellent termiticides, they are successful in removing termites. This is due to the fact that non-repellent pesticides do not kill termites on contact, but rather take up to 21 days for termites to return to the nest and infect and eradicate the entire colony. Termite barrier systems are supposed to keep termites at bay on your property for 5 to 8 years if properly maintained. A yearly termite inspection is strongly suggested to ensure that the barrier is functioning properly and that any flaws are quickly corrected. Sunshine Coast residents need go no further for an effective termite barrier system and termite treatment.


Termite baiting and termite barriers are both designed to prevent termites from gaining entrance to your home.

These two effective solutions differ in terms of cost and property suitability. As a result, you should consult with pest control experts before deciding on a termite control Melbourne solution for your home. Please contact us right away. If you’re looking for termite treatment on the Sunshine Coast, high waisted gym tights professionals can help.

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